If you're already familiar with NetBSD, this information may not be particulary new or useful to you.  It's not particularly Atari-specific.  I do however use this for my own reference when I install NetBSD/atari.

  1. Make sure to run through the pkgsrc configuration described in the packages section.
  2. cd /usr/pkgsrc/www/apache24
  3. sudo make install
  4. su to root after the install is done.
  5. vi /usr/pkg/etc/httpd/httpd.conf
  6. Optionally uncomment the ServerName directive and set it appropriately.
  7. Uncomment the "User home directories" line to enable user home directories.  If this is enabled, web content is stored in ~[username]/public_html
  8. To enable WebDAV, uncomment:
    Include etc/httpd/httpd-dav.conf
  9. Save and exit vi.
  10. To enable WebDAV, take the following steps:
    1. vi /usr/pkg/etc/httpd/httpd-dav.conf
    2. Uncomment:
      1. LoadModule userdir_module lib/httpd/
      2. LoadModule dav_lock_module lib/httpd/
      3. LoadModule dav_module lib/httpd/
      4. LoadModule dav_fs_module lib/httpd/
      5. LoadModule auth_digest_module lib/httpd/
    3. Optionally change "require user admin" to specify a different username.
    4. Save and exit vi.
    5. mkdir /usr/pkg/var
    6. mkdir /usr/pkg/uploads
    7. htdigest -c "/usr/pkg/user.passwd" DAV-upload [Username specified above in httpd-dav.conf]
    8. Enter a password for the user when prompted. This is a username/password pair for digest authentication.
    9. chmod 640 /usr/pkg/user.passwd
    10. chgrp www /usr/pkg/user.passwd
    11. chown -R www /usr/pkg/uploads/
    12. chgrp -R www /usr/pkg/uploads/
    13. chown -R www /usr/pkg/var/
    14. chgrp -R www /usr/pkg/var/
  11. cp /usr/pkg/share/examples/rc.d/apache /etc/rc.d/apache
  12. vi /etc/rc.conf
  13. Add apache=YES
  14. Save and exit vi.
  15. shutdown -r now

Apache will be running when the system comes back up. It may not respond for a while while it is starting up. Wait for CPU utilization for httpd to go down to zero and then use another machine on the network to navigate to http://[IP address of server]. You should see "It works!"

If DAV was enabled above the user who was granted access will have read/write access via DAV to the /uploads directory.


  • To start or stop apache without rebooting, use:
    • sh /etc/rc.d/apache start
    • sh /etc/rc.d/apache stop