If you're already familiar with NetBSD, this information may not be particulary new or useful to you.  It's not particularly Atari-specific.  I do however use this for my own reference when I install NetBSD/atari.

  1. Make sure to run through the pkgsrc configuration described in the packages section.
  2. I use an APC Smart-UPS SC 420. The instructions below assume a serial Smart-UPS is present.
  3. Connect the UPS to the second modem port on the TT030. This is the right-most serial port (not including the ports on the VME card) if you're looking at the front of the machine. Reference:
  4. cd /usr/pkgsrc/sysutils/apcupsd
  5. sudo make install
  6. su to root when install is finished.
  7. vi /usr/pkg/etc/apcupsd/apcupsd.conf
    1. UPSCABLE smart
    2. UPSTYPE apcsmart
    3. DEVICE /dev/ttyA1
    5. MINUTES 6
  8. Add apcupsd=YES to your /etc/rc.conf
  9. cp /usr/pkg/share/examples/rc.d/apcupsd /etc/rc.d/apcupsd
  10. To start apcupsd manually now, run: /etc/rc.d/apcupsd start
  11. To check status, run: apcaccess status
  12. If you'd like, go through the testing procedures in the manual linked below.
  13. To stop apcupsd manually now, run: /etc/rc.d/apcupsd stop
  14. To update settings in the UPS EEPROM, run: apctest
    1. Press 5 to set UPS EEPROM values.
    2. Set the Shutdown grace delay ("SLEEP") to 180. This will give the Atari sufficient time to shut down. You may also consider setting the name, setting the return threshold to 15 percent, and setting "BEEPSTATE" to N to prevent the UPS from making noise.
  15. Reboot. You should observe apcupsd start as the system comes up.