If you're already familiar with NetBSD, this information may not be particulary new or useful to you. It's not particularly Atari-specific. I do however use this for my own reference when I install NetBSD/atari.

ngIRCd is a small, easy to configure IRC daemon.

  1. cd ~
  2. ftp[version].tar.gz
  3. progress -zf ngircd-[version].tar.gz tar xpf -
  4. cd ngircd-[version]
  5. ./configure CFLAGS="-Os -m68030 -m68881 -fomit-frame-pointer"
  6. make
  7. su to root.
  8. make install
  9. vi /usr/local/etc/ngircd.conf
  10. Set options appropriately.
  11. Exit and save vi.
  12. In /etc/rc.local, add:
    if [ -x /usr/local/sbin/ngircd ]; then
  13. To start the server, either just reboot or run /usr/local/sbin/ngircd.
  14. Exit out of root.


  • Avoiding use of rc.conf / rc.d because even with the appropriate option enabled, ngIRCd doesn't seem to be properly generating its pid file. I assume the pid file is necessary to shut the server down nicely. But what's it matter anyway, it's just an IRC server, it can just die when the machine reboots.