Refer to The pkgsrc guide as necessary.  Section 4.2 (Building packages from source) in particular is useful.  Pre-compiled binaries for the latest version of NetBSD/atari aren't currently available.

NetBSD 6+ provides the ability to download/install pkgsrc during installation. To update pkgsrc, perform the following steps:

  1. su to root.
  2. cd ~
  3. ftp (If you're behind a proxy, a mirror such as tends to work better.)
  4. cd /usr
  5. If the pkgsrc was already installed, delete the old installation.
    • rm -rf pkgsrc
  6. progress -zf ~/pkgsrc.tar.gz tar xpf -
  7. Exit out of root.

To set up package vulnerability checking, perform the following steps:

  1. su to root.
  2. If /var/db/pkg doesn't already exist:
    1. mkdir /var/db/pkg
  3. pkg_admin rebuild
  4. pkg_admin fetch-pkg-vulnerabilities
  5. To enable optimized builds with pkgsrc / make, see the note in Basic post-install about editing your /etc/mk.conf file.
  6. To update the vulnerability database daily, vi /etc/daily.conf and add:
    1. fetch_pkg_vulnerabilities=YES
  7. Exit out of root.

Now you're ready to start building / installing packages!  Generally speaking, to build/install something, do this:

The dash preceding the third option above disables that option.

  1. cd /usr/pkgsrc/[package dir]/[package name]
  2. make show-options
  3. sudo make PKG_OPTIONS.[package name]="option1 option2 -option3" install
    (The dash preceding the third option above disables that option.)
  4. To clean up after an install, run "sudo make clean" and "sudo make clean-depends" as necessary.


  • After any particular package is installed, use "rehash" as necessary to run binaries that were installed into the search path without a logon/logoff.
  • After building, binary packages will land in /usr/pkgsrc/packages/All. These can be saved off to an FTP or HTTP server and then re-installed later as necessary. To install these packages later, do this:
    1. su to root
    2. setenv PKG_PATH ftp://server/path
    3. pkg_add [package name]
    4. Exit out of root.